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The mission of the RNA Bioscience Initiative is to create and expand a vibrant center of discovery and innovation in RNA biology, informatics, diagnostics, and therapy. Our goal is to provide a fluid pipeline from basic to clinical RNA research at the Anschutz Medical Campus.

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Pilot Awards for Single-cell Technologies
Hashim Al-Hashimi, PhD (Duke Univ)
Adrian Krainer, PhD (CSHL) - Dean's Distinguished Seminar
Evening with RNA
Melissa Harrison, PhD (Univ Wisconson)

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Happy RNA Day!

We celebrate RNA Day each August 1 (AUG 1)

Mukherjee Named 2019 Boettcher Investigator

RBI faculty member is one of 5 new awardees

RNA Scholars 2019-2020

Illuminating FSHD Research

RNA Form and Function

RNA is a remarkably versatile biological macromolecule that can encode genetic information, catalyze chemical reactions, scaffold the assembly of large macromolecular machines, and bind small molecules.

How does RNA perform so many biological tasks? The answer lies in its ability to form diverse three-dimensional structures whose complexity rivals that of proteins. This gallery contains RNA structures determined by RBI faculty including the Kieft lab, the Zhao lab, the Asturias lab, and the Vogeli lab.


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