Pilot Awards for Single-cell Technologies

Mar 3, 2020 2:00 PM
Pilot Awards for Single-cell Technologies
CU Anschutz Hensel Phelps West

Detailed RFA is forthcoming.

Watch the video of the informational seminar on March 3.

Submit LOI information using this form by March 17, 2020.

Pilot award applications will be due on April 15, 2020.

The RBI is soliciting applications for our next round of pilot awards. This set of awards will be focused around new single-cell technologies we have already developed, or would like to develop in collabobration with local groups.

We are hosting a seminar on March 3, 2020 describing these new technologies so that you can think about how to apply them to your own questions. We will describe single-cell approaches to probe:

  1. Receptor-ligand interactions that control gene expression. We and others have established a workflow for scoring receptor-ligand interactions in single-cells. We hope to collaboratively apply this tool to study receptor:ligand interactinos that control organismal development, specificity in the immune system, and cell cycle control deregulated in cancer.

  2. Tracking Molecular dissemination in animals. We developed an approach to track the distribution of molecules in animals using single-cell sequencing to understand the cell-type specificity and impacts of delivered molecules in vivo.

  3. Single-cell lineaging. New methods can track the development of an initial cell or cell population using DNA barcoding strategies and single-cell RNA sequencing. The RBI plans to invest in these new technologies and is looking to partner with researchers interesting biological applications.

We also have ideas to combine single-cell mRNA-sequencing with long-reading sequencing for analysis of full-length mRNA isoforms and viral RNAs, or to expand the capabilities of multi-modal single-cell mRNA-seq to analyze diverse cellular phenotypes.